Çizgilerin Gücü Adına

Yazdığım “Çizgilerin Gücü Adına” isimli kitap raflardaki yerini aldı. Gerekli Şeyler Yayıncılık tarafından yayınlanan kitapta, 2000 yılından önce ülkemiz televizyonlarında gösterilmiş olan tüm çizgi filmleri bulacaksınız.

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Desperate Girl

Desperate Girl

In the dark, she found a case,
When she opened it,
you must have seen her face.
She decided to quicken up her pace
To get out of this maze.

She was not feeling well,
When she heard a sound of the bell.
She hardly tried to yell,
But there was noone in this little hell.

She was nearly faint,
Suddenly she saw a saint.
He was sitting on his throne
With a shining golden crown

She was happy to find a mate
Could he really be her fate?
She heard a sound “Wake up Kate!”
She opened her eyes with a terrible hate.
Because it was the school date,
And she was pretty late…



Poor Kitty

Poor Kitty

I was in the roof to look for my baseball bat,
I saw something which I have never met.
There was a little cat,
It was a little bit wet,
Which entangled to my volleyball net.
If I would my mother led
It could be a good pet.
I put out my hat,
and threw it on my toy vampire bat.
I didn’t want to be cad,
While I was trying to reach his head.
I saw a scar on his neck which colored red.
It must have been bitten by a rat.
And I was sure he was dead.
My mother saw me very sad
And she said:
“Rest in Peace in your little bed.”



Fearful Vampire

Fearful Vampire

One gloomy foggy night,
I saw the shadow of a knight
He was standing on the height
Under the pasty moonlight.

Darkness was by my side,
But there was nowhere to hide.
The smell of blood was my guide
While I was getting close him to bite.

I saw a definite shining light.
It was the lantern coming through on the right
carried by a guard
who was searching for a fight

I felt it in my old still blood
that i was weak for a strong bite.
i passed through and slide
farewell to my unlucky night.





Dünden Bugüne Transformers

Fazla söze gerek yok. Eski transformers severler bu resimleri mutlaka hatırlayacaklardır. Dünden bugüne değişenlere bir bakalım… :)

Not: Uygulama tarafıma aittir, izinsiz kullanılamaz. :)